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Jan Damery for Calgary Mayor, 2021

Calgary Herald Mayoral Debate Headline

Supporting a political outsider, the Jan Damery campaign wanted to ensure that their candidate knew the issues and had ideas which could attract leading voters, donors, and volunteers to the campaign.

Jan Damery led the way on donor transparency, attacked corporate donation laundering through third-party-advertisers, and called for a municipal vaccine passport 7 weeks before Calgary Council followed suit.

The Jan Damery platform prepared by Kyle Olsen Public affairs received numerous plaudits. Former City Councillor Brian Pincott was impressed with the “thoughtful solutions and approaches”. Willem Klumpenhouwer of the University of Toronto Transportation Research Institute said the transit plan “set the bar for how serious candidates should be talking about transit”. Assistant Professor Sara Hastings-Simon of the School of Public Policy and Director of UCalgary’s Sustainable Energy Development program called the climate change policy proposals “raising the bar for ambition” and “detailed”.

In addition to platform and policy, we offered strategic council, rapid response, media release drafting, opposition research, complaint drafting, and other campaign services.

Jan Damery Calgary Sun Mayoral Race Announcement